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Hi! I am moving out of my parents' house and have a mattress with 2-3 years of use. In the moving process, we were unable to get the matching box spring out of the room in one piece (I have no clue how we got it into the room in the first place as no angle would allow it to fit going back up the stairs. I was living in a finished basement.).

I know I need a box spring, and that it should be the same size as the bed (full.) What I don't know is if any full size box spring will work, or if it needs to match the brand, or even be the same one from the original set. I am clueless on this subject.

According to the label, the mattress is a Sealy Posturepedic Waterscape Cushion Firm. As I'm moving, money is pretty tight and I need to keep the budget as low as possible without messing up my back. I cannot afford a new mattress set and my mattress is still in good shape.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

asked Aug 19 '13
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Technically any foundation or box spring will work. It won't meet the current federal fire code but as long as it is the same size it should do fine. But you may also be voiding the manufacturer's warranty if you are not using a box spring made for that bed.

Possible to use another foundation: yes

Recommended because of fire code and mfg warranty: no

answered Aug 20 '13
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Anton Hochsc... ♦
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Anton is right. If your on a budget, any sturdy boxspring or foundation should work fine. Depending on your weight and what frame you will be putting your mattress set into. Make sure the foundation is sturdy when you press your weight on it and there are no squeaking or cracking sounds evident. Also, it's good to lay a straight edge across the foundation to check for any bowing or slanted surfaces.


answered Aug 20 '13
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Nick Noblit ♦
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If your mattress is 1 sided, your box spring will have to be a platform. A firm foundation. In a full size, it should run between $80-$120 depending on where you go. I recommend trying to find a store that sells an off brand mattress brand if money is tight. That will save you some money and still work just fine. On the bottom end $$-wise, just try to be gentler on it. It may be easier to make squeak in the long haul.

answered Sep 21 '13
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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Many beds today use a foundation not a box spring and it provides ample support and is very affordable. While it won't meet Federal fire regulations it has passed all necessary testing, just not with your particular mattress. You should be able to buy a full size foundation for $100 at any good sleep shop. Just call around.

answered Aug 21 '13
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Ken Mazda ♦
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Or even a platform base, which tends to be easier to move and can outlast a box spring.

Sleep Well!

answered Sep 18 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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I would suggest finding a smaller retail store and Not a BIG NAME STORE. You should get a full foundation for $75-$100. I would recommend getting a foundation rather than a box spring.

answered Sep 25 '13
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Tyler May ♦
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