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We would llke to purchase a new mattress for delivery in Chesterfield Missouri. Looking for a Full/Firm mattress that is 10" high or less and need to have the old mattress taken away. We are budget conscious, please advise. Thank you.

asked Apr 13
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. Have you taken the GoodBed Quiz yet? It is the most detailed mattress matching algorithm on the market, and we created it for exactly the question you asked. You can specify your budget as well as numerous other parameters. You can find that quiz here:

For some background, the first thing every shopper needs to know about mattresses is that they are a highly personal product. Many people think of mattresses like appliances, but choosing the right mattress is nothing like buying a washing machine. Think of it more like buying a pair of pants.

Finding the right mattress comes down to what we call the 3F's -- Fit, Feel, and Features. This means finding a mattress that 1) provides adequate spinal alignment and pressure relief by being a good FIT for your weight, body shape, and preferred sleep position(s) in order to , 2) meets your personal preferences with regards to the FEEL of the mattress, and 3) offers any other FEATURES that are an important priority for you and your partner.

Given the personal nature of this product, any generic recommendations you see or lists of "best mattresses" are either coming from people that are trying to sell you those mattresses, or people who simply don't know enough about mattresses to provide a helpful recommendation for YOU. That's why we created our quiz.

I hope that's helpful.

answered Apr 13
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