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I've been researching an apt mattress for my parents. They're in their 60's and both of them have back issues. I'm looking for a queen-sized mattress which has a firm top. I want something easy on my pocket simultaneously, and it should be comfortable and durable. Can anyone suggest any mattress that fits the bill?

asked Feb 24
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David from Chino, CA
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Hi David -- Thanks for your question. I completely relate to the challenge your'e facing. Mattress shopping is hard enough for yourself, let alone for others.

Fortunately, we had this same problem ourselves so we created the perfect tool for this, which is our industry-leading mattress match quiz. This quiz will inquire about all of the pertinent factors (there is more to consider than the information you provided above), and then will search across both online options and mattresses available in your local stores in order to highlight those that best meet your parents' requirements (and your budget).

If you haven't taken it yet, you can find it here:

FYI, if you don't feel capable of answering the questions on their behalf, you can also forward this link to your parents so that they can take it themselves. They can then send the results to you by email and/or text message directly from their results page, or they can simply copy the URL of their results page to send it to you that way.

I hope that's helpful.

answered Feb 24
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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Thank you for the quick response. I'll surely make my parents answer the quiz link you've mentioned here. I also got a suggestion from our family doctor; he said he'd been using firm top mattresses from Stearn and foster for a while. He gave an excellent review. But still, I would like more suggestions.

answered Mar 17
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David from Chino, CA
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Mar 17

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