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I am shopping for a queen mattress set. I have had problems with the sagging and low spots and while the price is important my major concern is the comfort and sink holes. I want to know if it is possible to order a mattress with a heavy duty zipper around the pillow top and also the mattress itself? That one change would at least let the buyer add additional padding and make adjustments as needed. What would be the procedure and who to contact? Thanks, Jan

asked Mar 21 '12
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Laura M from Collierville, TN
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Jan 21 '13

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GoodBed Help ♦♦

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Mountain Air Organic Beds makes a organic latex mattress with a organic cotton and wool zippered casing that is quilted. Main thing is you don't have to worry about sink holes and not being able to adjust the comfort because the layers don't take a body impression nor will they break down because of the organic materials we use to make their mattresses from and the densities of our mattress (I will get into that more as you read on, because that is very important). Also the layers are interchangeable, each partner can have their own sleep surface by the way you order the layers.

The cool thing about a mattress like this is if your body changes or your need change 10 - 15 - 20 years down the road you don't have to buy a new mattress you just order a new layer! It cost a little more than a regular mattress but less than most Tempurpedics (tm).

Since you are on a budget we can help with financing and if you are looking for a custom made platform bed built really strong without chemical off gassing like formaldehyde, we have that too.

If you are looking for a mattress with a pillow top built in, I wouldn't recommend it in the mattress. Those soft layers in a mattress tend to break down quicker than firmer support layers. But getting extra comfort in a topper is a better idea. You can achieve great softness this way too. The reason is because longevity is equal to density. Toppers are usually very soft to relieve pressure. For example poly-urethane foam (like egg crate material) is 1.9 lb density (like angel food cake), Tempurpedic (tm) 5.3lb density, Soft Talalay Latex is 16-20 lb density so you can see the 16-20 lb density will last 3-4 times longer than the Temper material (which is polyurethane foam with even more chemicals added to it.) So Talalay latex rubber the best choice for ultimate relief in a pillow top and will last longer than other foams with less density.

Now there are two way's to process latex rubber (besides 100% all natural and synthetic blend). There is the Talalay method and the Dunlop method. I explain more in the next paragraph.

I believe 100% all natural Talalay latex rubber is best in a pillow top but I wouldn't recommend it in a mattress because it lacks support!! For example, Dunlop latex rubber put in the mattress would be a much better choice than foams because of the density and support. It can get as high as 40 lb density for a firm layer!

But, if price is a big factor then you might look at a organic wool topper or organic wool fleece. This is a lot less money and still gives you great pressure relief and extra comfort and durability. It feels amazing!! Who ever heard a sheep going bald unless they had a hair cut ;) Better example would be "mummy's hair last forever."

I know it is confusing but if you could request samples from us where you could actually experience one in person at no risk with our 100% money back guarantee.

answered Mar 21 '12
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Joyce Walker... ♦
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Mar 12 '14


Density equals longevity. Compare the density of the mattresses if you are wanting a good return on your investment.

(May 31 '12) Joyce Walker... ♦ Joyce Walker Robertson's gravatar image

Nice answer Joyce R

(Jun 01 '12) Kim J Kim J's gravatar image

An option not yet mentioned is air. I'm not a huge fan of airbeds BUT they will allow you to compensate for wear and change support layers as they already are a "component" system. Just a thought.

answered Apr 07 '12
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Ernest Shaver ♦
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On another note: check the "body impression allowance" of some mattresses. The industry norm is 2". That's a pretty good dip. Some allow for only 3/4" (Tempur Pedic). there are some innerspring lines that use the "old" 1" standard. That's pretty good also. Shop around and look closely.

(Apr 07 '12) Ernest Shaver ♦ Ernest Shaver's gravatar image

Hi Jan, A firm, all latex, mattress is your best bet. Adding a softer latex topper will provide the extra comfort. Being able to unzip the mattress and replace layers of padding means that those layers are not bonded together...a problem unto itself, as un bonded layers tend to move and bunch you the part time job of having to keep them straightened out. The problem with most mattresses is the pillowtops, memory foam and the poly foam in the quilt. No mattress what mattress you buy...even all latex, there is no such thing aszero body impressions. Frequent rotating of the mattress will help to minimize the impressions. And, you always have to be leary of salespeople and products that tell you everything you want to hear and promise you the moon. Here is a link to the all latex mattresses we carry. They are 100% all naltural latex with no other foams used. Also, they are US made. Chinese made latex is made to lower standards. Thanks, Pete

answered Mar 22 '12
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Hi Laura , I had the same problem as you . There is a solution for mattress sag and it costs $59.95 and I have tried it and it works. It also doubles the life of the mattress . If you need the info just drop me an email and I will direct you to the producer. Regards Grant

answered Aug 13 '12
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Grant G from Winnipeg, MB
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Was really interested in Grant's $59 solution. Can't seem to navigate around to be able to email him. Looking for a mattress but getting bogged down on what's the best choice... Thanks

(Dec 28 '12) Connie J Connie J's gravatar image

Hi Connie ... with 35 years in the mattress business ... I have found that Latex mattresses have the most longevity with less body impressions. All padded innerspring mattresses will have body impressions over time .... some more than others depending on the padding used. I have found that Memory Foam mattresses have less body impressions ... but i still feel latex is the best .... I will only recomend latex to friends because of less complaints and most of my friends are on the heavy side of the scale. Latex will be in the better quality mattress price point .... I hope this will help - Frank

answered Jan 13 '13
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Frank Asmus ♦
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