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Our Ashley Ellis Bay memory foam mattress doesn't dissipate my body heat and I wake up sweating after 4 to 5 hours. What can be done to correct this?

A $1300.00 mattress, less than 2 months old that I cannot sleep on is not what they told me I was buying.

asked Mar 04 '13
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Radphord-Leon H from Bonney Lake, WA
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Typical of Ashley, they should have told you that memory foam does tend to sleep hot. A better choice would have been a gel bed. ie: gel infused memory foam. Regardless, what to do now. There are heat dissapating mattress covers available (bamboo covers) or you could look for a gel topper. The only other option would be to replace your mattress. Good luck. Pat

answered Mar 05 '13
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Pat Benhoff ♦
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Pat is right. But don't automatically get a new mattress. There are som good products out there that can help. They range in price, but at this point anything that can save your $1300 purchase is worth it.

You can search Cilli Technology, they make a pad that has a thermostat, you can set that thermostat anywhere between 48 and 115 I believe. Bamboo is another good choice mentioned by Pat, and would be somewhat cheaper. Lyosel or tencil is another good material as is Outlast branded products.

Be sure you get these products in a pretty thick pad. Thick will add to the price, but it will also help insulate you from the memory foam, and allow more air movement. Consider the materials for sheets as well. If all else fails, consider a different matress.

Our store sells memory foam in comfort materials, however our vendor uses a quilted top. Again that promotes air flow and lowers the heat sink effect. Quality of memory foam is important as well, open celled will allow heat to dissapate through the mattress. Most good manufacturers are already using open cell.

And for those just reading trying to avoid the issue, the biggest thing in recent years has been the gel infused memory foam, it really doesn't cost anymore, but if you get it and get hot, I would consider eating it :)

Sleep Well!

answered Mar 05 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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Unfortunately, the number one complaint against memory foam is heat. I suppose you could consider a gel infused topper. Keep in mind, though, that breathability is hindered in placing this on top of your existing mattress AND, most importantly, you WILL change the feel of your mattress by adding another layer of memory foam, even if it is infused with gel.

My suggestion is to go natural with your mattress protector. Do you have a waterproof protector on this mattress? If so, take it off if wetting the bed is not an issue (e.g., small children or pets sleeping with you) and replace with a cotton and wool mattress protector. We carry St. Dormeir by St. Geneve, which is a washable wool covered in cotton. We also carry the Sleep Envelope by Natura. This is a "kit" of a washable wool mattress protector and a wool comforter. Contrary to what you may think, wool is a natural temperature regulator and neither heats you up too much nor cools you down too much. This is an outstanding solution to any heat situations!

Sweet Dreamzzz!

answered Apr 17 '13
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Debi Chewerda ♦
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Always the same issue with memory foam, a easy solution go with a good quality latex mattress topper, latex is a natural product that is very breathable and will help a lot to keep your body at a pleasant temperature I recommend these

(May 05 '13) Ana P Ana P's gravatar image

would recommend these guys

(May 05 '13) Ana P Ana P's gravatar image

ChilliPad is the best solution short of buying a new bed.

answered Aug 26 '13
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Karen Woods ♦
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