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Hi, I have a kind of strange question. I just brought a memory foam and innerspring mattress and find that i can feel the pockets where the buttons are on the mattress. Could I remove these buttons to make the mattress smoother, or will this ruin the bed? Sorry it's such a strange question! Thanx, Sarah.

asked Oct 19 '12
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Sarah W
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i asked the same question and bought a good memory foam mattress topper but this still sunk in where the buttons are

answered Aug 18 '18
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Valerie S
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The buttons on my Expensive tufted mattress are leaving marks on my back. I’ve had the mattress for about 6 years. A topper may not help as the other poster mentioned

answered Jun 04 '20
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Mo M from Wantagh, NY
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Hi Sarah,

I think in most cases, removing buttons from the quilting on the mattress would void the warranty for major name brands. If you were to remove a button but accidentally break the stitch that holds the quilting down, your foam layers underneath may become loose and move, lump, or bunch up. Be sure you are just taking off a button and not undoing what is holding your quilting together.

If you didn't remove anything, you could try a mattress pad(2" of Fiber Fill) or something to go in between you and the buttons. Convoluted foam layers(egg crates) are fairly inexpensive too and will pad the buttons. Beyond that, just sleeping to avoid them is the no cost to you way to deal with it as well.

answered Oct 22 '12
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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Sarah, the buttons ARE what is holding the quilting in place, they are not for decoration. If you pull them off, there is a thread attached to the back of the button that will come undone. Don't remove the buttons or you will lessen the life of your mattress by ruining the construction, voiding the warranty. If you want to make it feel flatter, consider adding a thin pad or topper. You can see those in my store at

answered Nov 27 '12
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Joe Alexander ♦
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