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The mattress alone is 16" tall and looks to be a problem for my existing bedspreads. Has anyone had this problem with a mattress this height? Why are they making mattresses so tall??

asked Sep 13 '12
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Lou L from San Juan Capistrano, CA
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To hide the lack of quality. The industry is dazzling the consumer with "more", because the quality is so bad.

answered Sep 13 '12
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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I second that, Lou.
The mattress industry has gotten into the strange habit of making consumers believe that a thicker mattress represents a more valuable product -- which obviously isn't true. Much the opposite: In case of innerspring mattresses, the extra layers of padding often create so much distance between the spring and the sleeper, that the spring no longer offers any active support. Instead, the sleeper simply compresses countless layers of various fancy materials with their own body weight.

Worse yet: In all other areas of our lives we call it progress when companies work hard to use smarter and lighter materials more sparingly. It's better for the environment, creates a smaller carbon footprint and shows that a manufacturer has put some thought and expense into modern materials and components.

I am particularly passionate about this since we patented an innerspring mattress that is a mere 8" tall and offers very active, responsive support that is even zoned (softer springs in the shoulders, firmer ones in the lumbar region). Better, sleeker choices are definitely out there.

answered Sep 13 '12
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Susanne Flother ♦
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I agree too, straight from vendors mouth, because people "assume" bigger is better and they are getting more for their money. Just had this conversation this week a prospective vendor. Rule of thumb for me, I don't buy the most expensive and I don't buy the cheapest, usually something one or two steps below the best. If you buy the best, you pay the most and next year there will be something better. So, if you can afford by all means, but that is not always best money management.

And another could happen, is the bed could be refurbished, which is a whole other problem.

Good Luck with your sleep system investment!

answered Sep 13 '12
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Jeff Saunders ♦
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With the new kinds of gel memory foam and latex the mattresses of today can stay within a more resonable hight and give needed comfort, but marketing and sales people will never let that happen.I agree with most of what has been said, but the fact is the customer will buy the thicker mattress because they have always been told bigger is better. The manufacturer is always looking to stand out from the pack. To answer the question about the comforter ..... if you have a queen set you could buy a king comforter so it will hange over the bed more.

answered Sep 14 '12
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Frank Asmus ♦
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Thicker is usually heavier. The heavier it is the more solid it seems. Years ago mattresses were very heavy and they had a comfort level like no other. I look for thicker because I like the solid heavy foundation to rest on. Usually lightweight thinner mattresses you can feel your partner moving because the bed seems to jiggle. Also the thicker mattress usually does not squash down when sitting on the edge.

answered Nov 16 '19
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