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Getting close to buying my mattress, I found a Stearns & Foster Taurus mattress that claims to be made of Smart Latex to resist body impressions. I'm wondering how good this design is, and specifically if it's a durable design that will really resist body impressions?

At first, I was comparing this Taurus model with the Augusta model about which there are comments here that raise concerns with the top foam and body impressions. However, the Taurus mattress seems different in that the entire mattress is made of their Smart Latex throughout, instead of any memory foam or springs of any sort.

More about the Taurus Luxury Plush Euro Top mattress can be seen at The Brick here. There isn't much information about this mattress, but here is a picture of the sign posted on the bed.

Locally, the Beautyrest World Class series can only be found with pillow tops, and so it appears there would be elements of body impressions with those mattresses as well. I'm wondering if this Taurus so-called smart latex manufactured / blended material would be a long-lasting, durable alternative?

I don't know much about smart latex, and research online hasn't come up with much, other than it's a blended latex which may contain part- or all- synthetic or natural latex. Is this material safe? There are some claims that it's a carcinogen here.

It's amazing how many factors there are when considering a mattress. Thanks for your help!

asked Nov 05 '13
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Brian . from Mississauga, ON
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Wow! You're really doing your research! Good for you! Unfortunately, there's so much information out there and so it becomes very confusing.

First and foremost, if you live near a mattress specialty store, I would suggest you visit them. Furniture stores and department stores are not as well versed in all the issues with mattresses. They are usually on commission and "spiffs" (a manufacturer's kick-back) and so your best interest is not as well addressed. Would you purchase dental services from a grocery store that sells toothpaste? No...

I notice there's a 20 year limited warranty on this tag. A good idea would be to find out how much of a body impression is allowed by the manufacturer before considering it a warranty issue. This is a tell-tale sign. I believe with all the fibers and poly-foams ("Flawless Comfort Foams" and "CertiPUR-US Comfort Foams") this mattress WILL compress. I would not be surprised if Stearns & Foster allows 2" of body impression on this bed. A true, specialty, all-latex mattress will only allow 3/4" impression. This is a huge difference.

I suggest looking into an all-latex mattress by LatexBLISS. Their 20 year warranty is a full warranty (not pro-rated). Many comfort options are available and no polyurethane foams.

My store is located in Ontario and I'm very familiar with The Brick. If you have any questions, you can contact me directly by email or at (905) 235-3732. Good luck!

answered Nov 06 '13
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Debi Chewerda ♦
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Debi - thanks for helping. Yes, I've realized how the salespeople get kickbacks. I discovered a large department store, for example, gives 7% commission. For warranty - S&F requires 1.5" of body impression. From what I understand, this is pretty standard for S&F (not that I'm saying it's a good thing).

How significant, and also how common does the compression of the latter foams tend to be?

(Nov 06 '13) Brian . Brian .'s gravatar image

Hi Brian,

Glad to help. One of the biggest complaints about mattresses, in general, is body impression. Not only is it unsightly, but it can be rather uncomfortable. It is normal for polyurethane foam to settle - up to 50% of its original thickness! Think of a three cushion sofa. If you are always sitting on the 2 outside cushions, they will eventually flatten and then soften and compress somewhat, while the middle cushion stays firmer and "poofier". This is normal and expected. The same thing is going on in your mattress. Unfortunately, the softer "cushions" are not as comfortable on a mattress as they are on your sofa and can actually change the support you once felt in your mattress.

Hope this helps.


(Nov 06 '13) Debi Chewerda ♦ Debi Chewerda's gravatar image

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your attention to my web site, I am sorry about the broken link in regards to Styrene "is a reasonably anticipated human carcinogen." The report from the National Institute of Health CAS No. 100-42-5 regarding Stryene can be seen here. I have since updated the web page. Thank you once again.

I agree with the other post, it is always best to visit your local mattress stores including the specialty ones. I would read the law label on any mattress you are finally considering purchasing to make sure there is no polyurethane foam in it, not even 10%. It's all these super soft foams that break down. Saying natural latex is safe just because it has certificates is incorrect. Those certificates have different levels of "safety" and they only test for 100 harmful substances. "Natural latex" means it is BLENDED latex which contains SBR.

I would not judge the quality of a mattress by the warranty. The warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. I have seen many times warranty issues not taken care of or honored that in my opinion should have been honored. I call it smoke and mirrors to get you to buy a mattress. I think the best thing you can do is don't buy a mattress with any polyurethane foam in it in the first place if you don't want warranty issues down the road.

How is polyurethane foam used in other mattresses? Memory foam, soy foam mattresses all are made from polyurethane foam. (Sheep in different clothing so don't be fooled)

Interesting story is the history of latex and how long does it last? I have a museum mattress given to me from a lady in Nixa, Missouri on display at my store. It is a 50 year old latex mattress she slept on every night for 50 years and is in great condition!

Even jet tires designed to take landing speeds of 120 mph must have durability without heat build up. They are made of All natural latex rubber because of the high abrasion resistance and low heat generation. Can you imagine jet tires made from polyurethane foam or memory foam, how well that would fare?

Yesterday, I saw Jay from Vintage Foundations and they carry vintage sofas made with latex rubber and they are in great condition for being 30 - 50 years old. Jay said, "People buy vintage sofas from him all the time that he sells probably 10 vintage sofas a week." My point is if latex is done correctly it can be safe to sleep on, very comfortable and last decades.

I hope this helps. If you don't find what you are looking for in your local market at a price you can afford, please feel free to contact us we will do our best to help you.

answered Nov 06 '13
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Joyce Walker... ♦
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Nov 06 '13

"Smart Latex" is Sealy's euphemism for synthetic latex. There is also plenty of poly foam in that mattress. Regardless of the hype, a thick quilted Pillowtop, like the Taurus, will take body impressions easily. You will be dissatisfied with your purchase by the end of one year's time.

You would do much better to buy a natural latex mattress. The best of them are made by Latex International under the "pure LatexBLISS" label.

answered Nov 06 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Seeing that latex/natural rubber gives you the biggest bang for your buck when looking at mattresses bothers me. I am seriously allergic to latex and am very careful about purchases. The more exposure I have with latex the worse the reaction becomes.

Surely modern technology can come up with a comparable replacement for latex.

It surprises me that latex gets such hype. I recall growing up latex drying out and disintgrating after a few years.

Helen of the North

answered Mar 25 '15
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Helen V from Parry Sound, ON
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Latex is an extremely durable and eco friendly material. I would highly recommend purchasing a mattress with natural latex.

answered Feb 07 '18
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Derek B ♦ from Wichita, KS
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