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What is the coil count for the Stearns & Foster Ultra Firm Cayla?

I need a very firm mattress and would like suggestions.

Thank you, Judy

asked Feb 12 '14
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Judy, can you please clarify whether you need a mattress with firm comfort (ie, one that doesn't feel soft on the surface), or a mattress with firm support (ie, one that will support your spine without sinking in when you lay on it). The word "firm" is used by different people in different ways.

(Feb 12 '14) GoodBed Help ♦♦ GoodBed Help's gravatar image

Hi Judy, The Cayla has 651 pockets in a queen size. Each pocket contains a dual inside the other, made from a continuous wire. The outer coil has only a couple of turns, taller than the inner coil and it gives easily. The gauge of wire is 14.75. The lesser expensive Eloise model, in ultra firm, is your better value. It has 825 pocketed single coils in queen, using a heavier gauge wire...13.75. Let me know if you'd like a price to compare to these. Thanks, Pete

answered Feb 12 '14
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Hi Judy,

A very firm coil mattress usually means you have a minimum of foam over the top of firm coils. While this makes for an unyielding surface, you get the unwanted side effect of getting pressure from the metal coils. This can slow blood flow and cause pressure points, both issues that will affect REM sleep.

For a firm mattress, I would recommend considering a firm foam or firm all latex mattress. These materials are firm, supportive, without the pressure caused by metal coils. A firm latex with zones to accommodate the curves of your body will give you support you seek without pressure, and a firm memory foam will give you an unyielding feel while not sinking too much. Hope this helps.

answered Feb 12 '14
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