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I often wake up with back aches and need a firm mattress. I wonder how the Stearns & Foster Eloise II Ultra Firm mattress will rate over time.

asked Aug 30 '13
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The firmer the mattress is, the better it will hold up...(a simple physics rule of thumb). The longevity will depend on body weight. One sided mattresses will, generally, last about 5 years.

answered Sep 01 '13
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Density equals longevity. It's the difference between angel food cake and pound cake. The denser anything is the longer it will last.

answered Sep 02 '13
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Are you totally in to springs? Ever considered other technologies? Foam beds (latex and memory) or air technology beds like Comfortaire will better support you at a softer level. That means less back pain and less tossing and turning... But most people sleep on springs and replace them every 5 years because their backs hurt.

answered Sep 01 '13
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