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Hi, I'm looking for a mattress for my wife who has really severe rheumatoid arthritis. She's approx 5' 7", 180 lbs. I have been online looking for the best-rated mattresses and every single mattress has good ratings and bad ratings as well. There's no mattress that has all "good" ratings. I don't believe going to a store and lying on a mattress for ten minutes will do justice for knowing it's the "right" one. If no one has any specific mattresses for persons with painful symptoms like my wife's, then please share what you believe the "best" rated mattress is. I'm guessing that a medium would be most comfortable as I've read much about soft mattresses and hard mattresses causing painful side effects. As far as whether to go with memory foam, gel, hybrid, spring, I can't make up my mind as 17 different articles state 17 different opinions, all contradictory to each other. The memory foam is the worst of the bunch supposedly given my research thus far. Thanks in advance!

asked Dec 12 '20
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Asked: Dec 12 '20

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