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I just moved to a new home this year. I have been looking for 2-3 mattresses since the beginning of this year.

  1. I bought King size Serta Caldiero perfect sleeper, it sank in after 2 months. I was told it's hybrid but when I did more research I found out it's innerspring.
  2. Bought Serta blue fusion 100 firm - not delivered yet (Is it good?)

I am doing more research now and checking out mattresses at stores.

  1. purple seems too soft

  2. I am leaning towards sleep number but is it reliable? How long would it last? It's lot of money and I am planning on keeping it for 10-15 years. I am afraid if this mattress sag but would I do? Does warranty cover sagging or it comes under normal wear and tear.

What do you guys recommend? I am 6'2 , around 250 lbs. I work from bed these days and sometimes play games too so I use it a lot. I don't have adjustable base right now but I will be buying that in the future. I am looking for firm and cool mattress.

asked Oct 20 '20
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m G from Washington, DC
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Oct 22 '20

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Asked: Oct 20 '20

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