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So I spent about 2 days and went to all my local Mattress stores (leons, brick, etc) to try different mattresses and to see what I liked. It seems that my side sleeping body prefers a soft firmness with a euro/pillow top and I like the pocket coil feel since it feels similar to what I grew up on sleeping on. I found different mattresses at different price points and was wondering what you guys think about them.

Resto-Pedic Megan - $328 CAD

Victoria - $450 CAD

Kingsdown Dionne Plush - $900 CAD

Sealy Gold Plush 24k - $2300 CAD

Out of these 4 I felt the most comfortable on the Sealy gold but it was also the most expensive and I'm hesitant to purchase it because of the price and brand. For the Kingsdown, it felt like a stepdown from the sealy but better than the other 2 cheaper options. For the cheapest one, the Resto-pedic; I liked it because it had that springy feel and felt similar to the mattress I grew up sleeping on. The resto-pedic and Victoria were from the same store and the sales guy told me that the Victoria was considered the "upgrade" from the resto-pedic but I felt better on the cheaper resto-pedic.

At this point, I'm torn on which one to get or if I should explore other options. If anyone could help pinpoint what specifications would suit me best that would really help too. Help a brother get a good rest of a sleep. At this point I might sleep in a hotel room to get that 8 hours rest.

asked Oct 04 '20
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Asked: Oct 04 '20

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