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I need to select a king size mattress for a place only accessible by ferry so I really can't return it - I need to get it right the first time!

I am 120 lb side sleeper, with lower back issues. I definitely need pressure relief but also proper spinal alignment. My husband is 230 lb, side sleeper also. Likes a slightly firmer bed but really can sleep on just about anything (unlike me) I also tend to sleep hot. Would also like something that leans toward the 'green' side - doesn't have to be all natural.

But we have many friends and family visiting, so it also has to be a bed that most people will find comfortable. I have looked at so many reviews and videos but am overwhelmed.

Considering the Nest Alexander hybrid, Bear hybrid, Winkbed, Saatva - Can anyone help?? Thank you!!!!!

asked Jun 24
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Alex from Bay Shore, NY
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Jun 24

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