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Hi, I recently bought a Serta iComfort (Renewal Refined). I have a bulged disc and this model is too soft for me and I need to exchange it. Which one is better to pick -- the iSeries Renowned or the iSeries Admiration Firm? (it has to be from Gardener-White).

Thanks, Patty

asked Dec 11 '12
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Patty S from Auburn Hills, MI
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Hi Patty,

Have you tried the Savant model iComfort yet? It's a firmer version of the Renewal Refined which is a fairly soft comfort level. The Renowned is another pillowtop mattress that will likely leave you in the same condition as a softer memory foam bed. The Admiration Firm is a step in the right direction though I also recommend considering the Admiration Plush if it is available to try. If you are side sleeping, the Savant or Admiration Plush would be my top recommendations. If you are back and stomach sleeping primarily, then the Admiration Firm would be an acceptable replacement.

We always urge customers to try it for at least 30-60 days before replacing because it can take some time to adjust. If you haven't tried it very long, definitely give it a good shot.

answered Dec 13 '12
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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Softness is not necessarily bad, but posture is important. Go back to the store with a partner or friend and lay on your options, then have your companion observe you as you lay there. You want to achieve good posture. Then stay on each bed for at least 15 minutes to gauge how your body is feeling on the surface. Buy the the bed that gives you the best posture AND feels the best in your test rest.

answered Dec 24 '12
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Tom Heller ♦
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