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I'm looking for a mattress without pressure points, that breathes, and is cool.

I currently have a TempurPedic because I have back issues and was told it would not have pressure points, but it is the hottest mattress I've been on. I cannot sleep because I sweat all night.

asked Sep 04 '13
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Your experience is actually fairly common in people that sleep on memory foam or other solid core bedding. Luckily there are other materials and designs you can turn to that properly align an achy spine, don't create uncomfortable pressure points and offer a cool, comfortable and well-vented sleep climate.

We designed such a mattress around our patented omni-directional innersprings. These unique springs effectively create the supportive, air-permable core at the center of the mattress. Next up, that airy core is encased in only two inches of our open-pore structure foam, guaranteeing a high level of air permeability and natural moisture regulation.

The mattress is then covered in zippered cover made from of breathable fabric with a strip of airy mesh running the perimeter. Why a zippered cover? So you can easily remove it, wash it in your washing machine at home and keep your bed pristine for years to come.

It's a great, finely tuned design and this chapter on our website explains in more detail how the various benefits work together:

answered Sep 04 '13
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Sep 04 '13

The material that has been the best for both: pressure point relief and sleeping cool, is latex. Here are links to two of the latex lines we carry. Both use high quality latex for greater longevity.

answered Sep 05 '13
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Try different technologies. Stop at a store that sells air chambered beds, or gel foam beds (either latex or memory). Water beds will help with pressure, and if you turn off the heater, you will turn blue. There are some aftermarket solutions like those from Chili Technologies. Sleep Number has an air cooler that would work on your current mattress (It is real pricey). Other things that may help would be a very good natural fiber mattress pad, just make sure it is relatively thick. The thing that seems to help the most is getting air to circulate around you, to do that you need to insulate from the memory foam. If you got a mattress protector, take it off, while many say they do not trap air, they do reduce it, causing a heat sink.

Hope that helps. Sleep Well!

answered Sep 05 '13
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I currently sleep on the iSeries Cordial from Serta. I have very broad shoulders, I am a hot person, and I used to be a tosser and turner too. This bed is conforming and I don't get hot. Even in Arizona, as long as the a/c is reasonable (74ish), I am fine. Most of the time I stay in one position on my back. Buying a mattress is very particular so make sure who you buy from has a solid return policy in case you do not like it after 30 days. Good luck in finding your sleep solution.

Sleep Right Every Night!

answered Sep 05 '13
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