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I am looking for a bed whose legs and head adjust up and down. I prefer medium firm and want one that doesn't get hot. What would you recommend?

asked Oct 04 '13
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You'll want to look at the power foundation (base) separately from the mattress. You can find a few different quality power foundations in the marketplace, many varying by features, motors and quality of construction. I've carried the Leggett & Platt models in the past, and currently am impressed with the Rize power foundations. Look at the construction and features of each brand and see which one suits your actual needs. Often you're paying for bells and whistles that you'll never use.

Regarding the mattress, memory foam is probably one of the best known products to be placed upon adjustable beds. But even with the large ad campaigns touting gel additives (in many varied forms and quality), memory foam in general still won't have as high of a number for cfm or have as high of a heat transfer index as innerspring or latex products. I've always been a proponent of an all-latex product for power foundations, provided it's properly manufactured and of a high quality. More brands are cashing in on the popularity of power foundations and producing innerspring mattresses that are "adjustable friendly." Take a look at the construction of these products closely and realize that in order to make these innerspring units bend, the manufacturer usually has to adversely affect overall structural integrity. In the end, do your research and look for objective information.

answered Oct 04 '13
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I agree with Jeff 100%. We like The Rize bases also and prefer memory foam also. I'm going to suggest that you look at the "weight limits" on the bases too. It's in the fine print.

answered Oct 04 '13
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If you like Medium Firm, I recommend the Serta iComfort Directions Inception model. They also have the iComfort Genius that is a FIRM comfort level but either would give you a feel relative to what you need. There are matching adjustable foundations that come with them as well. Pricing for queen is $3,074 for the Genius or $3,474 for the Inception. A lot of local stores carry these beds so this is something you can easily find.

As a retailer, I rarely get heat issues from Tempur-Pedic mattresses. The bed I suggest from their line is the Weightless Select. Queen size with their matching base is $3,898 for the set. This is also shown at a lot of retailers nationwide.

answered Oct 04 '13
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I don't disagree with the others, except we are econcentric, and Leggett & Platt is a very large company located in the Midwest. Their power bases are assembled here of domestic and imported parts. It is hard to beat the quality or customer service offered by Leggett.

As far as the mattress is concerned, it depends on you. My friends tell you what they either like or sell, with their experience with customers and self. That is not bad, but a mattress is an individual thing. We recommend you try all different technologies. We like two the best, Air technology or foam. We have latex and memory foam, as well as a broad line of Comfortaire mattresses. All of these will work well on any power base, even those assembled overseas. Air is the longest lasting of the technologies because it can change with your needs. Air will conform to your body, offering a better sleep posture than other technologies. And you can choose which comfort material works best for you. Air is also individualized, meaning if you have a sleep partner, they can find their perfect level of support as well.

Hope that helps... Sleep Well!

answered Oct 04 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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If you're looking for a high quality mattress that will last a long time and not make you feel hot, latex is your only real choice. Memory foam will do neither. Best on the market for adjustable bases and latex is the Reverie Dream System.

answered Oct 04 '13
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We just bought a RIZE adjustable base with wireless remote and massage. We got a floor model, so we got a HUGE discount. I know the disadvantages of this, but man, instead of paying $1479.00, we paid $799 and that included a foam mattress. This is manufactured by Mantua, its like, an A and B model. This brand makes their frames from old railroad steel. So far, so good.

answered Feb 27 '15
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Shauna E from Anderson, IN
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