I have a friend who is paralyzed and has to stay in his bed for over 12 hours before he has help to get him up. He has terrible back pain that has developed as the mattress sagged where the bed flexes. It was replaced recently, but the sag still is there. There is absolutely no support for his back.

Any suggestions about a supportive hospital bed mattress?

asked Sep 29 '13
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Your friend has a good friend. And to answer your question the bed can make a difference.

First, it is important to make sure the bed has good support. When we need to spend a lot of time in bed, support is critical.

Second, it is important to ease the getting out part of the process.

Might I recommend an air adjustable bed on an adjustable foundation. These beds are durable, and you can match different comfort materials to reduce pressure even more. You can also adjust the firmness to match what is needed for comfort, even if that changes over time. When you put it on an adjustable foundation it will enable your friend to get to a sitting position, and then it is just a matter of swinging the legs off the bed.

Our store specializes in helping people find the best surface for them, and we would be happy to field questions on just how that can be discovered. It is always good to have a friend like you who cares!

Sleep Well!

answered Sep 29 '13
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With the measurements of the mattress you may want to make some calls near you for what's available. If it's an "odd" size you choices may be limited. We've found that foams (latex and memory/visco) of a good quality will do better than innerspring on adjustable beds AND offer a better body fit to help avoid pressure points and thus bed sores. For an odd size consider that many latex and visco can be made to size. Best of luck.

answered Sep 30 '13
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My company, Mountain Air Organic Beds, can make him a mattress that is adjustable because it has a zipper casing and works well with adjustable beds. It is denser than regular polyurethane foam mattresses and is more healthful. We also recommend an organic fleece for extra comfort and to help prevent bed sores. You can read more here.

answered Sep 29 '13
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The most durable, most comfortable, most pressure relieving and most pure product is all-natural latex. This mattress will solve your problem.


answered Sep 29 '13
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