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Please explain how 'price sliding scale' within Mattress Match Quiz works. The 2nd question of 'Mattress Match Quiz' is: What's your budget? An exact dollar amount can be entered into blank box OR user can use sliding Toggle button located below 'price range willing to pay' ...toggle button can slide from lower end ($0) to upper end ($10,000). I am struggling financially so set 'sliding scale' to lowest reasonable price. What would be difference in comfort level of my personal results if I had no financial issues and set the toggle at highest end of price range? I understand the phrase "you get what you pay for" applies to ALL products across the board, but what details of mattress construction process and materials most affect 'personal comfort level' in terms of manufacturer's cost in producing a quality mattress at either end of price range? Type of metal used in spring coils? Import/ Export Fees? USA vs China manufacturer? Location of US manufacturer as pertains to Regional 'cost of living' (California vs Midwest or South)?

asked Feb 11
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Lsu from Port Allen, LA
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Feb 11

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