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We completed the questionnaire and the results stated that the IntelliBed was a good option for us and that the price for a Medium-Firm King should be $2,500. When we arrived at the Mattress Firm in our area they quoted us a price over $6,000 - then after some discussion said that we could buy it that day for $4,500. Should we be able to buy the IntelliBed somewhere for $2,500?

asked Aug 07 '19
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Jeff from Gibsonia, PA
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Hi Jeff -- Wow, thank you very much for the heads-up on this. I'm afraid the answer is no, and the faulty pricing information is on us in this case. I've already gone in and updated that information accordingly. I sincerely apologize for this misinformation and really appreciate you letting us know about this.

For some context, we do have current pricing on IntelliBed's individual models, but what you saw was our records for the "starting price" in the Intellibed line -- ie, MSRP for the entry-level model. Normally, the starting price of a product line doesn't change very much or very frequently, especially as compared with the pricing for specific models which retailers tend to mark up and down all the time.

In this case though, it seems that in recent years, IntelliBed's starting price has gone up quite dramatically -- from $2,199 to $3,799. And even that is for their Legacy line, which is not what is carried by Mattress Firm, so the MSRP of Mattress Firm's lowest-priced model is well above that (as you discovered). Ever since Purple came out, IntelliBed has been making moves to position themselves up-market from them. I guess as Purple moved into higher price points with its Purple 2/3/4 models, IntelliBed continued to push upwards to an even higher price tier.

In any case, I hope that's helpful and that you can accept our apologies for the bad pricing information you received from us. Thank you again for bringing it to our attention.

answered Aug 07 '19
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