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I tried to find some mattress coupons from looking around the web a little.

Do any of the major manufacturers currently have promotions available and how much are they?

Thank you,


asked May 21 '12
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Larry W from Los Angeles, CA
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Jan 21 '13

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Hi Larry, If you can use a coupon, it'll be against an inflated price. Don't be fooled by these phony sales.

(Feb 03 '13) Peter Cancelli ♦ Peter Cancelli's gravatar image
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Hi Larry, here are some significant manufacturer sales going on right now, and everyone I know loves a good sale: Tempur-Pedic: "Upgrade and Save" on all Tempur-Pedic sets including the Foundation or the Ergo Adjustable Bases there is an extra $100 off on Twin, Full, or Queen Sizes. $200 off on King Sizes. Additionally, the Cloud Supreme is on an extra sale called "Supreme Savings". This model is currently at an extra $400 off on top of the Upgrade and Save event. So add the $400 off to the King Size Set and it will be a total of $600 off the king set regular price. (This is a VERY rare sale, because Tempur-Pedic does not discount often) Expires July 8.

Serta IComfort- $200 off on all Motion Perfect Adjustable Bases. King sizes have a pair of Adjustables so Kings are $400 off. Expires June 3rd

Beautyrest- Mail in rebate for 2 Free ReCharge Pillows with purchase of any new Recharge Sleep System by Beautyrest.

Call us at Sweet Dreams to learn how we further "Sweeten" these deals 1-866-799-0048.

answered May 23 '12
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Are you buying on price or quality? "It is unwise to pay to much but it is worse to pay to little," according to English author and social critic John Ruskin. "When you pay to much, you loose a little money - that is all. When you pay to little, you sometimes loose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot. It cannot be done."

Also sometimes attributed to Ruskin's Common Law of Business Practice is this quote: "There is hardly anything in the world that some men cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey." Article quoted from Sleep Savvy Oct. 2010.

I think the best way to get a good price on a mattress is to go into the store and ask for a good price. You will usually get it, particularly in synthetic mattresses because there is so much extra mark up. You should be able to get 10% retail. If you get that then you are getting a good price in my opinion.

Except in the case of Tempurpedic (tm) there is no negotiations because of the dealer agreements. Except "floor models" and "used mattresses" and they are sold "As Is" "No Factory Warranty." The most the dealer can do is give away (2) Free pillows and Free Delivery.

Many companies protect the integrity of their product by having "Minimum Advertised Prices" that means their dealers are not allowed to advertise their product below " Internet published prices." Cheaper brand mattresses usually don't have these agreements because they are "throw away mattresses" and there is not much brand integrity. But the premium ones almost always have Minimum Advertised Prices.

Typically organic mattresses in order to compete have very narrow margins, they don't have the same kind of mark up so the deals may not seem as good but you are getting a higher quality product that will last much longer. But you have to do your research first and make sure you aren't getting "Green Washed." There are a lot of synthetic mattresses out there that "wannabe" the real thing but can't, so the sales person just will tell you anything you want to hear to make a sale. (I know, it's worse than used car salesmen!) Not everyone is like that though, there are honest people out there too. You just never know until you do your research online. I also wouldn't buy a mattress online, you never know what you are getting.

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answered May 21 '12
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