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I have a mattress but would like to upgrade it. Are there any stores that will allow me to sell or exchange an old mattress in return for buying a new mattress? I'm located in the Tuscaloosa, AL area and my current mattress is a Southerland.

asked Jan 31 '14
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Hello -- Many (if not most) states have laws relating to the sale of used mattresses. In fact, in some places you can't even donate a mattress to good will. So, it certainly isn't typical to have "trade-in" programs the way you see with cars.

That said, we have heard of retailers running occasional promotions where they offer to "trade in" your old mattress for some (small) dollar amount if you purchase a new mattress from them. In these cases, it's typically just a marketing gimmick that in the end is no different than just buying a new mattress on sale and having your old mattress removed upon delivery.

If you're looking to recoup some value from your existing mattress, your best bet is probably Craigslist.

answered Feb 12 '14
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