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I recently received a Groupon for a very very good price on a memory foam mattress. It says on the Purasleep site the price is 2100 bucks. The Groupon has it at 600 bucks (for a king). No returns though. Any advice/guidance on this brand or deal? Really appreciate!



asked Dec 13 '13
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Ed P from Atlanta, GA
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Obviously they are not a charity so they are making money at 600 bucks still. No return? Just know you're likely getting a cheap memory foam mattress that will likely not last long.

answered Dec 13 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Hi Ed -- Looking online, there seems to be very little independent information available about this company. In fact, until your question, they didn't even have a GoodBed profile, which is saying a lot considering we cover nearly 400 mattress manufacturers in our database. Even on their own website, they don't seem to list so much as a company address -- I can understand a no returns policy, but is there no warranty either?

As Joe pointed out, one thing we do know is that they list a product on their website for $2,100 that they are willing to sell for $600... Admittedly, these kinds of price games are all too common in this industry, but in a case like this when there isn't much else to go on, this doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in who they are as a company.

Perhaps one of the experts can speak more specifically to the quality of the foam used in the products listed on their website.

Net, this may in fact be a good company and a good deal, but for my money I'd need to see a lot more transparency before I'd feel comfortable buying a mattress from them sight unseen, even for 'only' $600.

answered Dec 13 '13
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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Thanks guys! Very very appreciative. The Groupon and company do list a 20 year warranty. But, I was a bit skeptical which is why i wanted to reach out to experts. Thanks so much for your help. Happy Holidays.


(Dec 13 '13) Ed P Ed P's gravatar image


I want to add my two cents.

20 year warranties sound good and do nothing most of the time. Loss of firmness and support are never covered. Cheaper foams will not necessarily form depressions but will lose firmness. Secondly, depressions often are allowed and even expected in a 20 year warrantied mattress. So what does a 20 year warranty do? IT MAKES YOU FEEL SAFE AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE.

What are these mattresses good for? A temporary mattress. Something you only need for 6 months to a year. Or a guest room mattress.

answered Dec 14 '13
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Michael Gorham ♦
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Thanks Michael. Really appreciate. Can I ask - your preference for a long lasting king? And any thoughts on latex? Thanks again!


(Dec 14 '13) Ed P Ed P's gravatar image

I would like to chime in since you asked about latex. I only recommend 100% all natural latex rubber and don't be misled by a little latex and the rest being polyurethane foam. Synthetic rubber will poison you while you sleep, polyurethane foam will do the same and break down quickly. Did you know memory foam is polyurethane foam with more chemicals added?

The most healthful and longest lasting mattress is organic latex mattresses. Our's has a zipper and is customizable. Our latex is denser than what you buy on the internet, so it last longer than other latex.

Come check us out....We will ship nationwide and are having a Snow Day Sale!

(Dec 14 '13) Joyce Walker... ♦ Joyce Walker Robertson's gravatar image

Thanks Joyce. Is their a URL with your info?


(Dec 14 '13) Ed P Ed P's gravatar image

Not sure, but it is....MountainAirOrganicBeds dot com

(Dec 14 '13) Joyce Walker... ♦ Joyce Walker Robertson's gravatar image
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