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Recently purchased the Martinique Split King Adjustable Bed from REM Sleep Solutions at a home show along with sheets, pillows and mattress protector. How do I know if I was given a good deal on the pricing?

asked Mar 04 '12
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Paul C from Watertown, MA
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Jan 21 '13

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GoodBed Help ♦♦

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Hi Paul,

If you purchased the bed at a home show I'm sure you got a great deal. Home show prices are discounted deeper than the web prices because we are producing in volume and shipping in volume to one particular region. Traditionally we sell 15 or more beds at a home show so the sales representative has the opportunity and authorization to discount pricing based on that volume. I would be glad to research your order (under Paul C) and contact you personally to ensure you received the best pricing at the home show.

Thank you,

Randy Maddix President REM Sleep Solutions

answered Mar 04 '12
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Randy Maddix ♦
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Dear Paul, I would suggest to any of my family members to make such an important decision at their local reputable mattress retailer. Your local retailer you will always have a location to go back too if there is a problem with your mattress, or the delivery or in your case the electric base. At your local mattress shop you can compare apples to apples and get the right mattress and base correct for you and compare prices of similar brands before you purchase. I would never advise anyone purchase a mattress where you only have one brand to choose from! NEVER! Everyone should always check with the BBB or Better Business Bureau before they purchase a mattress. It can tell a story different than "ghost" reviews online. In this case REM Sleep Solutions has an A+ rating, on the other hand they have 17 complaints over the past three years to the BBB. That's fairly high. They have resolved all complaints against them which should give you peace of mind, and that is how they have maintained their A+ rating. Hopefully you will love the mattress. The adjustable bases are fantastic addition to any bedroom. These days adjustable bases are relatively problem free. I do hope that you ordered one that is a "Wall Hugger." If not the adjustable, in the up position, can be further away from your night stand than in a non "wall Hugger. Let me give you some average manufacturer suggested retail prices of a not on sale adjustable base Cal King sets. If the remote is actually wired to the base it should run around $1,700 and up for the split CKing set. A wireless remote Cking set about $2,900. and up, depending on features. I did take a look at REM product online pricing. It seems pretty much in line with where the industry is on Visco Memory Foam Mattresses. Unfortunately you did not have a Latex mattress to compare the feel too. It is a different sleeping experience than Visco. That is where shopping at a local mattress retailer is so vitally important! Kudos that Randy Maddix President REM Sleep Solutions is there to answer you questions. was a great choice to come to for real information! Please post any further questions and we will be glad to respond.

answered Mar 04 '12
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