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What are the dimensions of the split king mattress? We are looking at the Martinique bed by REM Sleep.

asked Sep 18 '13
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Jun 13 '16

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The split king or dual king are also known as twin extra longs. The dimensions are 38 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Hope this helps.

answered Sep 18 '13
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For a visual size chart of the difference between a regular King Split and a California King Split and the dimensions of both go to: Click on: What are the measurements / dimensions of different mattress sizes? I think you will find it helpful. It shows all the dimensions of all of the different mattresses too! Enjoy!

answered Sep 18 '13
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Sep 18 '13

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Agree with the other two. Just anticipating your next question: It will fit on a king frame, but most people will pair it with an adjustable base. And the Split King is also versatile in that it can be split to different rooms. But be aware, there is a spot in the middle that makes cuddling more difficult. Hope that helps! Sleep Well!

answered Sep 18 '13
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