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I am thinking about the Palais Royale model from Kingsdown. But when I tried it at the store, I felt it was a bit too firm. Are there different levels of firmness for this mattress? At $8,000, I want to be very sure it's the one for us.

asked May 07 '14
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Last year's model of the Palais Royale came with a "dual comfort" build, meaning that one side was slightly softer than the other.

This year's version, which was just recently released, only comes in one comfort level, which is basically an "in-between" level of softness relative to the two sides of the bed in last year's model. So, this year there is only one comfort level available, and it's the same comfort level across the whole bed.

The other thing to be aware of is that since this year's model was just released, the floor models have only been out for about a week, meaning they're still pretty much brand new. This means they should feel a little firmer than this bed will feel after you've been sleeping on it for a few weeks or months.

If you are interested in purchasing one of last year's models, we currently know of some deals on floor models that would save you 40-50% off the price of the new version. They come with the same warranty. Give us a call if this is something you're interested in -- (415) 738-9500.

answered May 07 '14
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Interested in king mattress very luxurious and princess in the pea bed. I've had bellamissio and latex vintage bed. Can't find store that has the soft Kd beds.

answered Oct 27 '16
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James R from Hillsborough, NJ
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