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I have two local outlets that sell Kingsdown. One is Sears and the other is Sleep Country Canada. I went to Sleep Country to try and figure out what suits me best. I ended up picking a medium firm mattress which was the Chanel model. It has the Eurotop, center support, air breathing, and 1030 coils for a queen. What is comparable in Sears models to this mattress? I looked at Sears and checked out their Christie II mattress. 1450 Coils and similar features to the Chanel. I ended going with the firm side on their beds. What does Sleep Country offer that would be similar? Again I don't want too firm a mattress, but don't want to sink in so much that my back curves when lying on it.

Is there any reason to buy at Sears over Sleep Country, or vice versa?

asked Mar 22 '13
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Anonymous from Vancouver, BC
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This is one of the most confusing things about the mattress industry. Names and looks change from store to store and chain stores like Sleep Country Canada and Sears have their own "exclusive" line-ups. Your best bet is to try to as many beds as possible, in the position you normally sleep in. Once you narrow down your favourites, spend 15 minutes on each bed. This simple exercise reduces returns by 80%!!

First of all, you have made an excellent choice in choosing the Kingsdown brand. ALL of their mattresses are exceptional and have excellent lumbar support. This is the top selling brand in our store with almost zero service issues. I am an independent retailer so this may sound biased but as a rule of thumb, best stores to purchase a mattress from are: 1. Independent Mattress Specialty Stores 2. Mattress Store Chain 3. Independent Furniture/Department Stores 4. Furniture/Department Store Chain

Why? Independent businesses are personally involved in choosing their products and do so with the customer in mind. Chain stores have this decision made for them, with the business in mind. Furniture/Deparment store employees don't have the same specialization in mattresses. When you're talking about the next 7-10 years of comfort, you want to buy from someone who knows their products inside and out.

One of the best things you could do for yourself is find a store that has Kingsdown's Dormo Diagnostics. This is a computerized bed that maps out your pressure points, takes into consideration your age, sex, sleep positions, etc. and then suggests specific beds for you. This completely takes the guess work out of purchasing your mattress! Why would you purchase from any store that cannot give you this analysis??

Hope this helps!

answered Mar 23 '13
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Debi Chewerda ♦
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Perhaps I received a faulty mattress. The Fallview is the worse bed I've ever slept in my life. Yes in not on. I'm 5' 10" 150lb and just sleep in my bed. After 2 months it has a dip one inch deep. I rotated it no better another dip. $2,300 wasted. I had an inspector come out only to have Mattress warehouse tell me my comfort is not their problem. One inch depression is not normal for a 8 month old bed. I'm sure they make great beds I just didn't get one of them.

answered Oct 19 '19
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Cheryl C from Newville, PA
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