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Is the Reverie Dream Sleep System bed adjustable on both sides (halves) in queen size?

asked Sep 02 '13
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The Reverie mattress is adjustable inside. That is to say, you can make each half feel anyway you want. The queen mattress does not come split, nor does the adjustable base, in queen...only in king and Cal.King.

answered Sep 03 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Peter - thanks for your response and for sharing a link to the brochure.

To clarify, we actually can manufacture a split queen adjustable bed and mattress for the Dream Sleep System as a special order. However, for split beds we strongly recommend considering a king sized bed, since splitting a queen bed leaves limited surface area for you and your partner. A split queen is two 30x80" mattresses. A split king is two 38x80" mattresses.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at or by calling 888-888-5990.

Warm Regards, Lisa @ Reverie Customer Service

answered Sep 03 '13
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Reverie T ♦
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There are split Queens available, from Reverie or Leggett & Platt. We sell split queens, but we do not display them because we agree that the limit in width is extreme. Also, we have found through personal experience and customer experience, that an adjustable base, if used for some things like acid reflux, GERD, back issues or snoring, can be set so as to not bother the partner too much, and after a period of time they adjust just fine to sleeping with a slight incline.

Hope that helps! Sleep Well!

answered Sep 03 '13
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