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I am planning to buy an adjustable double bed and want to know what is the best type of mattress for this type of bed - one that does not slip. Thanks.

asked Aug 16 '13
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Let me state first that our store sells Comfortaire adjustable firmness mattress, and a line of memory foam and latex foam mattresses. Unlike some here, ALL technologies have god points to them, if not they would not be around. That being said, I would suggest you approach it the same way anybody who is shopping for a new mattress should. Try different technologies. Some people hate memory foam feel. Some don't want to "adjust" their bed. Some like the firmness of springs. About the only thing you could not use on an adjustable base is water.

Decide which technology feels the best to you. Spend enough time to make an informed decision. A consumer magazine suggests a minimum of 15 minutes.

Next research different companies in your chosen technology. To use air tech as an example; there are several companies out there, the largest is Sleep Number, but there are others who make remarkable product. Why pay for the big guys advertising? The same would apply to foam products, or springs.

Then look for a local dealer. Local dealers need your business more. Check out there reputation. One of the largest mattress stores in the country, and they sell a lot of mattresses, has an 'F' rating with the BBB. That rating is indicative as to how they will take care of you.

Make sure they know you wish to put a mattress on an adjustable base, not all mattresses can be. That way they will not waste your time on product that won't work. Check out their return or exchange policy, just in case. Look and understand the warranties on the mattress and the base.

Ask about the source country of the product, if you so inclined. There are two major manufacturers of the bases; one manufacturers abroad, the other assembles here of domestic and imported parts.

Hope this helps! Sleep Well!

answered Aug 16 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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The short and sweet answer is foam(no coils). 2 out of the 3 answers above are recommendations for all foam beds already. One reason foam is preferred by most adjustable base users is because it bends with the joints better and if you get a split king version, most foam beds side by side are flush. It feels like 1 mattress when the bed is flat or both sides have the same adjustable setting.

Our customers seem to like the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme and the iComfort Savant or iComfort Directions Acumen. Those are our big sellers in the memory foam category right now. We also have a great brand of latex beds by Pure Latex Bliss and the latex mattress called the Beautiful is the most popular from that category.

Try some foam beds and post a response to the question and you may get a lot of helpful info from the experts that frequent this forum.

answered Aug 23 '13
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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I have had a lot of customers rave about the Serta iComfort line and the Serta iSeries Triumph and Cordial models. These all zip to the adj bed so you do not have the bar there to detract from the aesthetics of your bed nor bump in to. You still want to makes sure you test rest the mattress in the positions you would like to sleep in to make sure it is right for you. And of course if you can try a locally-owned sleep shop they should have great customer service and be very knowledgeable. Good Luck!

answered Aug 16 '13
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Jeff Saunders ♦
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I agree with Peter for the most part. Latex mattresses generally respond faster to the body. Also they will work wonderfully one an adjustable base.

answered Aug 23 '13
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James Mullins ♦
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Ask the salesperson what will be appropriate on an adjustable base. Latex and memory foam are the best-selling mattresses for adjustables, but if you love an innerspring feel, some can be made without a border rod in order to accommodate the adjustable base. Get what is comfortable and supportive for YOU and sleep well!

answered Aug 26 '13
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Karen Woods ♦
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