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Is the Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Arbor Terrace Plush Pillow Top suitable for placement on an adjustable base?

asked Nov 29 '13
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Most mattresses that are built with a pocketed coil, such as the Beautyrest mattresses, are made without a border wire (which is a rigid steel wire around the entire mattress). This means that you can put them on an adjustable base.

answered Nov 29 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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That mattress will definitely work on an adjustable bed. The problem is that it's a low end plush pillowtop and will wear out quickly. It will wear even more quickly on an adjustable base. When you have the head of the bed up, your body weight shifts where the mattress bends. THAT, is spot where every mattress will wear soonest. An all latex mattress is best for an adjustable bed because it is so much more resilient than other types of mattresses. The plush pillowtop Beautyrest mattress you have is a polar opposite when it comes to resiliency. You'll begin to see a hole develop within weeks of using it on an adjustable base.

answered Nov 29 '13
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Just to add to the discussion, any mattress that does not have a wire around the perimeter can be used on an adjustable base. Whether it will perform like you want is another question. While coil beds have been used on adjustables, most people who replace will upgrade to a newer technology. Air chambers are ideal for this application, as well as foam mattresses like latex or memory foam. The air is less likely to wear prematurely than other surfaces, and will last as long as the adjustable base.

If you own the mattress already, feel at the outer edge for a hard steel wire, if you do not yet own the mattress, ask the sale rep, they should know. If they hesitate, consider another rep or store.

Hope that helps...

Sleep Well!

answered Nov 30 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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Hello to the original poster!

Short answer: Yes. The Recharge Beautyrest's are foam encased so they will flex up and down with an adjustable base.

As many of the other experts pointed out, Foam/Air beds work a little better on the bases because they are more malleable. Foam beds are favored in split king beds since they touch very evenly and you don't feel a canyon between the beds. If you aren't splitting the sides, then it will work as intended with any adjustable base.

answered Dec 02 '13
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