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I just purchased a Catskills gel mattress from Beautyrest and wanted to know of any reviews. Also what is the gel made out of?

asked Jan 10 '14
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There probably aren't many reviews for that exact mattress name. But you can look up similar beds for reviews. The Beautyrest Catskills is a Classic Recharge Beautyrest. So do a search for Classic Recharge Beautyrest and also the comfort level you purchased (Firm, Plush, Pillowtop). Any reviews that pull up under that search criteria will be what you need.

answered Jan 11 '14
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To address the gel aspect of your question, are you sure there is gel in this mattress? We list the Catskills models as having memory foam but we aren't aware of them having gel. If they do, it is most likely "gel memory foam", meaning that a (small) portion of the memory foam consists of tiny bits of gel that are mixed into the foam.

answered Jan 12 '14
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Its called Gel Touch Memory foam by Beautyrest. these are small gel beads that are infused into the memory foam to provide extra support and pressure relief. All of the recharge series should have at least a 1/4 inch layer of this. Some stores may have special versions with more. Although I can't specifically talk about any gel individually. USUALLY the Gels in beds are made up of mostly plant oils and some chemicals but unless you ingest it; which you'd have to tear open the mattress to get at it, it can't hurt you

answered Jan 16 '14
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