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Boston Interiors sells a Beautyrest Recharge Bradford Plush queen for 700 dollars... I am single and sleep alone (most of the time). Would that be a good choice for me?

I am very confused...this is worse than buying a car.

asked Aug 09 '13
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Hi, A good rule of thumb for buying any Simmons Beautyrest is to avoid the Plush and Pillowtop models. As long as you are getting one of the firm models, they hold up well and provide excellent support. The plush models use a much thinner gauge coil wire, which does not hold up...and neither do the pillowtops, regardless of brand. If you want extra softness, add a layer of soft latex for comfort that lasts. Besides being extraordinarily comfortable, latex is equally resilient. The World Class Beautyrests will be going on sale for the Labor Day Holiday, starting 8/28....with Simmons' free boxspring sale.

answered Aug 10 '13
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Thank you for writing into the forum. Please tell us what is going on with your current mattress and please tell us more about what you are looking for in a mattress?

Are you looking for memory foam, polyurethane foam, latex, organic mattresses? How long do you expect this mattress to last you? Do you have any health issues? Do you sleep hot? Do you want something customizable so you can change the feel of your mattress down the road if your body changes or your needs change and you want something a little firmer or a little softer?


answered Aug 09 '13
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