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I am wondering about the rubber used in Reverie mattresses. Will it harden with age?

asked May 26 '13
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Dear Anonymous724,

No, the air cylinders will not harden with age. They are made of the highest quality natural rubber and are extremely durable. We back that claim up with a 101 night risk free trial and limited lifetime warranty because we stand behind our product quality.

Unfortunately, we also need to address the many patently false claims made by Joyce Robertson of "Mountain Air Organics" in response to your question.

  • Our cylinders are NOT made of plastic nor are they synthetic. They are made of natural rubber foam, also known as natural latex foam.
  • Our cylinders are NOT like pocket coils. They are nothing like pocket coils, which are steel springs wrapped in fabric. Our "Dream Cells" (natural rubber air cylinders) are made of foamed rubber, they are not pocketed in fabric, they are interchangeable, and they are customized.

  • ALL foam rubbers (i.e. natural latex foam) are made with gelling agents. It is impossible to make foam out of natural latex or even synthetic latex without such an agent. Gelling agents are critical to the manufacturing process and are not bad for the product - rather, they are an integral part of the latex foam manufacturing process. Most of the gelling agents and soaps used in the process wash out when the latex is cleaned at the factory (our foam rubbers is washed and dried, but some, unfortunately, are not).

  • Some latex foams have "filler" materials in them - these are not gelling agents, but rather are cheap raw materials that are used as a substitute for latex material in an effort to drive down the cost of the product. The use of "fillers" typically leads to an inferior product, both from a durability and comfort perspective.
  • Our latex does NOT use any fillers. Many manufacturers make this claim, but it is difficult to verify as an end consumer. Our natural rubber products have passed the most rigorous testing standards, such as the Intertek quality and performance mark for mattress quality and durability.
  • The Dunlop and Talalay "processes" are different methods of manufacturing latex. EIther process can make a high quality or low quality product. Process is simply one variable among many.
  • Our natural rubber foam (natural latex foam) is made with a proprietary hybrid process.
  • There is no standard for latex height, as Ms. Robertson claims, when she says "most people need at least 9 inches of latex for comfort". It is simply not true. Our patented and proprietary mattress design is extraordinarily comfortable, and that is because we a combination of high quality materials like natural rubber, soy foam, bamboo, and other great materials.

  • Our mattress warranty is a limited lifetime warranty and our adjustable bed warranty is a 20 year limited warranty - all the information is on the our website here Please feel free to call our customer service number for any additional information not found on the website.

  • We also back our product up with a 101 night risk free trial - no restocking fees, no nonsense.

We won't get into the claims or deficiencies of other people's products here. We will let our product quality speak for itself, and we would encourage you to try Reverie and feel the difference.

answered May 27 '13
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Hi Lisa,

My sincere apologies if I got any of it wrong. Sounds like a really cool product. I couldn't tell much about exactly how your mattress was made from your website and was trying to figure it all out to help the customer. Obviously, you just can't guess what something is without inspecting it first hand. Don't you think the best thing is for the customer to go to a showroom, lay down on one then all their questions can be answered by sales people who are experienced in your products?


answered May 27 '13
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