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The mattress we are considering is the Pure Latex Bliss Nature model, but I hesitated to purchase it as it is blended with 40% natural latex and 60% synthetic. I will be trying a higher percentage natural latex blend, and also 100% natural latex for comparison. Any comments on durability and value for this synthetic blended latex mattress? Thanks for your response.

asked Sep 21 '13
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The reason it is blended is for consistency and durability. The product comes with a 20 year FULL warranty with any sags up to 3/4". There is an all natural, all organic model with all latex called the Sustain. It is about $500 more and only has a 10 year warranty.

When trying these beds side by side, the all natural 100% latex version is bouncier. If you call up Pure Latex Bliss, they can give you the differences as well. The Synthetic material in their Talalay latex blend is solely for extra durability/longevity.

We have tried several latex brands in the past but never got a great reaction from shoppers who tried them. People lay on the Cloud Luxe Tempur-Pedic and sometimes give a verbal "ahhhhhhhhh". The Pure Latex line has actually gotten that from our shoppers as well so it's one we've put in every one of our stores.

answered Sep 23 '13
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Hey there,

I've been selling latex since 2000 and i've sold Talalay, blended Talalay (55% natural), 100% natural Talalay, Blended (40% natural) dunlop latex, 90% natural Dunlop Latex and 100% natural Dunlop latex. The only blend that never failed was the 90% natural. All the other blends tend to take an impression of about 1/2" over time. I spoke with a separate latex factory and asked him his opinion without mentioning my experience and he said 88% natural is the best blend and usually never fails. I found this very interesting as it more or less matched my own experience.

I'd say the main thing to watchout for is the warranty your offered. Find a supplier who covers any amount of softening or depressions. We offer this on all our latex.

Good luck!

answered Sep 24 '13
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Sep 24 '13

Latex International is by far the largest latex producer in the world and has used blended Talalay Latex since it's founding in 1975. They make both blended Latex as well as 100% All Natural Latex. The blended will last longer, the all natural formulation is greener, but not as long lasting even though it is more expensive. All that said, either of these latex products are considerably longer lasting than most of any of the foam that is sold in mattresses today.

Kurt Ling President Pure LatexBLiSS

answered Sep 25 '13
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I believe your information is incorrect. Pure LatexBLISS has two sections to their line. The Natural is a blend of 70% natural and 30% synthetic. Their All-Natural is 100% natural. Both made using the Talalay process.

answered Sep 25 '13
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