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I just want to say I have been researching for a new mattress and had just about made up my mind on the Pure Talalay Bliss Nutrition when I ran across a Pure latex Bliss on Amazon in combination with a Leggett and Platt adjustable bed. They have the Pure Talalay Bliss logo on the sale site.

I don't think these mattresses are the same although they use the same headings such as beautiful, nature, Etc. I went to the seller's site and the topper is not the same design and the descriptions of the components are not the same. So I would check with the Pure Talalay Bliss website to be sure you have the real thing.

Just a buyer beware!

asked Sep 20 '16
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Barbara from North Port, FL
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Thanks for your question Barbara. Pure Latex Bliss is the previous name of the company / brand. They re-branded themselves in 2015 as Pure Talalay Bliss, but it's definitely the same company so neither is a knock-off or anything like that.

In terms of the models and their components, any models that are still being marketed as Pure Latex Bliss were made in 2015 or earlier, so the specifications could be slightly different in the current (i.e., 2016) models, even if the some of the same model names are being used.

If you are seeing models for sale now that are branded as Pure Latex Bliss, I would definitely inquire about where they have been and/or how they have been stored and handled for the past 12+ months. But apart from that concern, I would not expect a 2015 model to feel or perform significantly different from a 2016 model of the same name.

I hope that helps.

answered Sep 20 '16
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