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I will never buy another mattress without sleeping on it for a good while. We bought an expensive memory foam mattress and after seven days (the most trial they would allow us!) we had the dealer take it back.

However, I have just had a good experience with Reverie, as they furnished all the new mattresses on the Celebrity Millennium cruise ship! We slept very well for 15 nights and woke-up feeling good, each day. That's a RAVE!

That is why I want to look into replacing our home bed present king mattress with a Reverie Dream Life King. BUT, I need info, a place to "feel the goods," and assurance that we are getting the absolute rock-bottom best price.

And, I need it all here in Westchester.

Thanks, George

asked Jul 11 '12
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George W from Tarrytown, NY
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Jan 21 '13

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GoodBed Help ♦♦

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Hi George - This is Lisa from Reverie. We're glad you had a great experience on the Millennium and were able to sleep well for 15 nights straight! Can you confirm if you were staying in a stateroom or a suite? The stateroom mattresses (Dream LIte) are a little over 8 inches in thickness, while the suite mattresses are about 11 inches thick (Dream).

We don't have a store in Westchester, but I can assure you that the mattress you slept on in the ship - Dream or Dream Lite - is the same construction as the mattresses we have available for purchase. So, you actually have already "felt the goods" on your cruise. It is true that only the Dream shows on our website right now, but we do make and sell the Dream Lite's as well and they will be on our website next month. In the mean time you can contact us directly by phone and order either bed. Once you place an order, we'll custom make your mattress at our factory in New York and deliver it right to you with white glove delivery service.

Please let me know how I can assist you further. Feel free to call 1.800.456.7383 and speak with our terrific customer service team, or you can ask for me directly.

Regards, Lisa

answered Jul 11 '12
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Reverie T ♦
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We have them for sale on our website.

By the way the ones from celebrity are not out yet. They are the 8 inch mattresses, whereas only the 10 inch sleep systems are out right now. The 8 inch is coming soon.

answered Jul 11 '12
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Joey Ashley ♦
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