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I still haven't given up on latex for my granddaughter's ca. 1980 heavy iron daybed with link springs. I'm now wondering if either of these options might work-
1- purchase new iron L side rails that will fit the iron daybed frame to support wooden slats for latex mattress.

2-Create a DIY hybrid with very firm poly foam as the layer closest to the link springs for the base of mattress, then layer latex toppers on that, encase in mattress cover.

3-Use plywood on the link springs, topped with a coir rug for ventilation, then latex mattress.

She is 16, 5'3", 130 lbs, and a side sleeper who wants a soft mattress. A typical teen, she spends most of her time at home in her room sitting on this daybed which she also sleeps on every night. Getting another frame/bed is not an option. Both she and her mother insist the daybed stays.

Are any of these viable options?

asked Mar 12
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betsy d from Castlewood, VA
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