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Hi, I am looking for a split King with a Liggett and Platt adjustable base. I want the mattress to be firm Latex either Dunlap or Talalay. I live in Burlington NJ an no stores seems to have what I want.

asked Jan 20 '19
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. Latex mattresses can be hard to find in brick and mortar stores, and as a result can be significantly more expensive in that channel. Fortunately there are now plenty of latex mattress options available to be purchased online -- typically with free delivery and free returns.

You can use the "Show More Filters" button on our list of online mattress options to see, compare, and further filter latex mattresses that you can buy online:

Likewise, if Leggett & Platt bases are not available in your local stores, you can find those online as well. Here is a link to their most popular base on Amazon:

I hope that's helpful.

answered Jan 20 '19
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