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You are the best! Thank you for your thorough & honest reviews of mattresses & your match quiz.

I took your quiz but need additional advice. I'm happy to pay for a consultation with you. I have been through 12 mattresses in 10 years, so feel like the princess & the pea, I am 5' 4" and weigh 123 pounds, but I have scoliosis which I think makes this whole process even more difficult, and now add to that menopause (sleeping hot) and I don't know what to try next.

My biggest need is to be pain-free - i.e. not wake up with a sore left hip which majority of beds give me, right sore shoulder or right sciatica (some give me). That being said, I also would love a bed that I "love" with all those subjective personal preferences (which leads me to the Dream Cloud at the moment)

The last bed I have had for one year is the MLily Harmony (gel memory foam?) -I have loved the relaxing comfort/cushion it provides (especially on right side shoulder), but from day 1, it like most others, has given me left hip pain (get this from sleeping on back too - & I sleep mostly on back & just a little on right side), which I finally had just figured was me, not the mattress. Then it started giving me right sciatica.

Then I went on a trip & slept on a plain old Simmons Beauty Rest Recharge Pillow-top for 3 nights and even after night 1, no hip pain or sciatica - gone -poof!!! AND I could actually lay on my left side for longer than 30 seconds without pain. Mind you, I didn't go "ahhh" when laying on it or "Love it" but the pain relief was great!That was when I figured out it was my mattress causing me issues at home.

It seems that mattress (Recharge) is discontinued - although I did see a closeout version online but in plush version, but I don't know that it would even be anything like what I slept on because that not only was a pillow top, but also the Hotel version or whatever.

The place I bought the MLily from suggested I just add a polyurethane topper, so I have that on order, shipping now. But, that didn't seem like a great solution, so in a desperate panic, I went to retailer & laid on a few beds & placed an order for the brand new latest technology coil (softer on top & firmer as it goes down) - Serta Blue Fusion 100.

Then, I bought a book (8 steps to a pain-free back by Esther Gokhale) which talks about getting back to our primal postures and she shows how to elongate (decompress) spine when sleeping & the preference for a firmer bed - although she says if you use this stretch-lie posture, it won't matter what you sleep on.

So, I went back into store & asked about changing my order to an extra-firm Simmons they had that felt good....but as you know, lots of different things feel good after 5-10 minutes in a store! Then, I spoke to another store & they recommended the Tempur Flex due to my scoliosis & it indeed felt even better than other two in the store - no comparison. So, I changed my original order to that instead & have had that bed for not quite one week.

I have had tempurpedic in the past - and it eventually gave me left hip pain too, so wasn't totally sure this was the answer - and so far I hate this one - it seems too hard on my side, gives me same left hip pain, & even one night gave me numbness/tingling in left arm & hand & eyes show sensitivity to non-natural materials. Plus this like my last memory foam bed (MLily), I get hot around 12-3am. Note, however that I go to bed freezing first part of night, so have to put a ton of blankets on me (& I keep my heat at 62 at night). I've been told that I need to "break-in" the tempur material, but I really don't want to endure it that long. They won't let me return until after April 1st & then I lose 20% of my money. I sure wish I would have just tried one of the online ones first!!! Ugh!! :)

So, I am so sorry to be so wordy, but thought the information would help. I am just completely confused because I thought I liked the feel of a firmer bounce, & to sleep way on top, not in a mattress (as I have my whole life), but yet, a whole bunch of cushioning & luxury appeal to me - and now I'm not so sure I like any springs, and I'm wondering if even though memory foam is supposed to be the best for pain, maybe I don't like that either.

These facts along with the hot sleep thing pretty much steer me towards natural & organic latex & cotton (which I love just in general - the only clothes I will wear & I only like hard organic towels, etc). I believe I may have had a latex topper at one time, but cannot remember how I felt about it. I am thin-skinned & sensitive to wool, so wonder about that issue with some covers on mattresses as well.

I have researched mattresses now for 2+ weeks again & have come down to these: Dream Cloud (which has the works- 8 layers, including some latex & springs), the V Zone Flo bed (this one over other latex beds just because it has this layer where you can change up the firmness specific small sections?), Eurotop latex Ultimate Dreams by Dream Foam Bedding, close-out Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Signature Select Ashaway 11" Plush or the hospitality site replacement, McRoskeys or from your match quiz results, the Nest Q3, Zenhaveven or Botanical Bliss from Plushbeds. What do you think I should do?

What do you think it is about a mattress that causes my left hip to hurt & why the Recharge didn't? Could it be that I need to stay away from memory foam or what?

I am in Las Vegas, and there is only one retailer (luxury beds) who even has plain all latex bed but only open M-F, so I plan on going there on Monday to at least see what my reaction is to that different feel. There is a mattress at Macy's (some Simmons maybe?) that has some latex in it, but not sure if that's going to help me any to check out, but I plan on doing that today.

I just really want to wrap this whole mess up ASAP!!!! If you could please let me know what your thoughts are & which ones you've tried and can help with that would be so great! Thanks a million!

asked Mar 17 '18
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Wendy from Las Vegas, NV
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