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Super allergic to flame retardants and many polymers like carba mix and such I am hoping to rule out what is causing me to be ill in my home all the time. I’ve had this mattress and love it since Oct 16 but I also have been sluggish and having lots of allergy symptoms too. Please does anyone know what chemicals and flame retardants have been used in this mattress or the polymer/carbamix levels since it’s a hybrid it has memory foam and I have read this alone has more chemicals than other mattresses. Thanks for any help and or if there is a way to test or contact the manufacturer with honest answers. I’m so bad with triggers even shirts from Kohl’s jcpenney and now catos can send me to the dr after just trying them on. Scary what may be in our houses or on our bodies

asked Feb 20 '18
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Lisa from Rock Hill, SC
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Asked: Feb 20 '18

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