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We purchased a Beauty Rest mattress in 2013 which we love. One problem we have been having is finding sheets to fit. We would buy a new set and they would be too long, we would return them buy another set till we found ones to fit.

This happened a few nights ago, my wife suggested rotating them 90 degrees still too long but on the side. I measure the sheet pleat to pleat and 76x80 plus or minus. Then I thought I should measure the mattress, I have never done that The mattress measures 76 wide but only 76.5 long! We measured by putting 2 rulers on the end and taking the distance between them 76.5". A King is 76x80.

The tag on the mattress says 76x79'5" our mattress is 3" too short from even what the tag says. For four years we having been looking for sheets that fit close and don't bunch or come undone, buying and returning and all this time it was the mattress! I am 6'1" and have wondered why my toes or part of my foot would over hang, then I would hike my self closer to the head board.

asked Jan 05 '18
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Update inspector came out took one look and said you qualify for a warranty replacement, but I still need to measure and document it. I measured it that morning having stripped the bedding and measured anywhere from 77-79". He believed me that I measured 76.5 and said it has failed and the contents inside are shifting. But the warranty qualifier was depression one was 2.5 inches the other 2. inches.

So we are getting a new mattress just waiting to here what we will get since the "Vanderbilt Arbor Terrace", say it with a British Butler accent, is no longer made.

So do we say stay with a BeautyRest or try to see if we can switch to a Sealy, will be limited to what Macy's sells and can not afford a Searns and Fster?

From experience we have not had a 10 year stand up to more then 5 yrs. Serta Q at Costco failed, a second Serta queen at Costco failed went to a Serta king at Costco failed, switched to Macy beauty rest failed. All had depression greater then 1.5".

answered Jan 19 '18
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Walter O from Boise, ID
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