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I was wondering how the medium-firm of the Live and sleep resort ultra luxury 12 inch gel memory foam compares to the medium-firm of the Ghostbed, or Casper? Some reviews seem to suggest it's more firm than most of that description but was interested in your thoughts? Thanks!

asked Dec 26 '17
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Troy D from Kingston, OH
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Hi Troy -- Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we have not done an in-depth review of the Live and Sleep so I'm not able to provide as much detail about that mattress or speak to exactly how it compares with the Casper and GhostBed.

In terms of the GhostBed and Casper, these two are very similar in both their feel and their softness level. Casper has tweaked their formula over the past year to make it a tad bit softer than it once was, so we would now say that it's just a hair softer than the GhostBed. But as you noted, we still classify both of them as Medium-Firm.

I hope that helps.

answered Dec 27 '17
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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