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Please tell me if you have free delivery of mattress as well as removal of old mattress. Thank you.

asked Sep 18 '17
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Norene from Mohawk, NY
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Hi Norene -- Just to clarify, GoodBed doesn't actually sell or deliver mattresses -- we provide information to help consumers make smart buying decisions. One part of the information we provide is store policies, so that folks like you can more easily find stores that offer services like delivery and removal of your old mattress. We try to show these policies for as many stores as possible.

As an example, one mattress retailer in your area is Metro Mattress. They offer free delivery on mattresses $599 and above, and charge $19.99 for removal of your old mattress. You can see their delivery policy information on this page:

I'm sorry it's not a more specific answer, since I don't know which product or store you were interested in, but I hope that's helpful.

answered Sep 18 '17
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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