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So Ive been watching tons of videos on reviews and comparison, (your videos and reviews helped out a lot btw), and i think I've found a couple mattresses to choose from but not quite sure which one yet. I want something comfortable for me and my girlfriend and something to help keep me cool at night since I'm in Texas and its really hot. I have narrowed it down to Leesa,Bear, purple, Nectar and Brooklyn and bedding/Ghostbed are back ups to these first 4. I know the first 4 are mainly gel foam, purple having the grid top layer, and B&B being latex foam. My girlfriend thinks bear based off everything ive showed her. Had we have more of a budget i'd probably get a Nest Alexander series or something along those luxury hybrids. Leesa and bear are so similar to me , nectar too and its $670 right now with free pillows but from china and i want to keep it US based but have heard nectar is kind of on the warmer side. Brooklyn and bedding and ghostbed ive seen some good things. purple i just feel is similar to the others at a higher price. Any way you can point me in the right direction ? Thank you

asked Aug 02 '17
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Sky from San Antonio, TX
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Asked: Aug 02 '17

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