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My name is Olga. My husband and I live in Kerrville, TX.
We purchased a Queen size mattress + box spring back in July, 2016. The box spring broke about a week ago. We are senior citizens so we do not have small children (only the two of us here at home, no grandchildren, so no jumping or something like that.) My first question would be: What kind of warranty did we get? I would have to find the invoice, but maybe somebody there could tell us; I am not sure the mattress has been damaged, but I am afraid it has. My second question is: Can you sell the box spring/foundation alone?... If so, how much will it cost? We need a stronger, sturdier box; and, third: Would you have to order it or would you have stock for same-day/next day pick-up/delivery? Please, let me know as soon as possible. My husband is ill and needs to be comfortable. Thank you for your prompt response.

asked Jan 02 '17
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Asked: Jan 02 '17

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