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We are a homeless shelter for families with children. Can you provide any suggestions that can help us fight bed bugs?

asked Mar 17 '16
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Thanks for your question Xenia. In general, the type of mattress itself may not provide the best solution to this problem. A better and more cost-effective solution would be bedbug-proof mattress covers.

These full-encasement mattress protectors go all the way around the entire mattress (covering all 6 sides of the mattress, not just the top), to make sure bed bugs have no way of finding their way into the mattress. The best ones go beyond that by using zippers with extra-fine teeth to make sure bed bugs can't get through the teeth of the zipper. They also have special zipper enclosures to make sure bed bugs can't get in through the tiny space at the very end of the zipper.

Assuming you can start from bedbug-free mattresses, these cases are designed to keep any bed bugs from getting into the mattress in the first place. However, if you already have bed bugs, these cases can also keep the existing bed bugs trapped inside the mattress, eventually causing them to die of starvation since no food source exists for them inside the mattress.

Here are the two best options we'd recommend. Both of these can be purchased through Amazon, and either of them should be very effective at addressing your bed bug problem. These are the links to the queen-size versions so be sure to select the correct size before you purchase.


1) SLEEP TITE Mattress Encasement from Malouf: Lab certified, Hypoallergenic, 100% waterproof, 15 year warranty, Vinyl free

2) Protect-A-Bed BugLock Plus Bed Bug Mattress Encasement: Waterproof top surface, Stretch-knit side panels for easy installation, Machine washable

Disclaimer: GoodBed receives a small commission on products purchased through Amazon. However, this does not affect the opinions and recommendations shown here in any way. GoodBed makes every effort to test and review products fairly and transparently.

answered Mar 17 '16
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