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One problem with innerspring mattresses is the padding may sink into the coils. Some have suggested that one approach to not having to make a large investment for a mattress and being disappointed by body impressions, sagging, lumpiness, etc. is to buy a firm, innerspring mattress with minimal padding and a mattress topper. When problems develop, the mattress topper would be replaced at less cost than the cost to replace a mattress. Would the Beautyrest Recharge World Class Teagan extra firm tight top mattress be a good fit for this situation? It has pocketed coils with a good coil count and a coil guage of 13.5 with a titanium support system. Also, it has 3/4 inch of gel touch foam and one inch of luxury foam with a 1/2 inch energy foam comfort layer. (I do not know the foam density). Will this work or do you have a better suggestion?

asked Feb 20 '16
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Anonymous from Edmond, OK
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Asked: Feb 20 '16

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