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After seeing reviews describing how certain mid and high end Beautyrest mattresses have developed deep depressions, I would like to hear from anyone who's purchased this mattress set. On the showroom floor I sink into the foam top but feel well supported throughout my spine. I'd hate to pay so much only to find it breaks down within a few years, causing pain and sleepless nights, like my old mattress. I need a softer feel as I've gotten older but want a mattress that feels the same five years from now as it does today.

asked Jan 10 '13
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Diane D from Bryn Mawr, PA
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Any pillow top will create impressions. The softest part of a bed will wear the quickest. IN most cases -- well pretty much all cases, it is an inexpensive soft poly foam that creates the pillow top. If that is a concern but a tight top bed and a seperate topper on top of it. A latex topper would be a good idea and last a lot longer.

answered Jan 12 '13
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Joey Ashley ♦
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Hi .. I have sold this mattress and many like it for 35 years .... this mattress is good for the money but you will have body impressions. The price of 1,297.. for queen set will not have the quality padding nessessary for many years of service. Mattress companies know the price people want to pay ... I would buy a latex mattress for durability and less body impressions...... I don't mind helping you with your purchase if you want more information ... 631-458-1583

answered Jan 11 '13
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Frank Asmus ♦
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