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I have a 9-month-old Sealy Sweet Illusion "firm" extra-long twin mattress that sags. Is it designed to sag? (ie, is it supposed to?)

asked Dec 12 '12
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Yates H from River Forest, IL
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Hi Yates,

Coil mattresses can have issues showing where you sleep because of the quilting/upholstery wearing in. If the sag or impression isn't at least 1.5" deep, the manufacturer will not likely move on a warranty replacement. You can try to take the issue up with your original retailer to find out if they will offer a replacement. Depending on the retailer, sometimes they stick their necks out for customers to make it right.

It shouldn't be sagging within a year but most S brands will paint the picture to expect some wear in the mattress over time and if it gets beyond the warranty coverage, they will replace it if there are no stains on the mattress.

answered Dec 13 '12
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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Thank you very much, Andrew, for your helpful reply and advice! — Yates

answered Dec 16 '12
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Yates H from River Forest, IL
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Well put Andrew. Yates, another thing to keep in mind is rotation. Make sure that you are rotating your mattress once every 2-3 months. Although it won't make a huge difference because it's a TXL, it will allow it to wear more evenly over the whole surface.

answered Dec 24 '12
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Nick Noblit ♦
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