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Our bed purchased on 4/16/2010 has broken down... My father and mother -- ages 93 and 89 -- have a very hard time getting in and out since the mattress has a big dip in it. Where can I find a rep. to go to the assisted living and check out this mattress? We have turned it but it is still terrible. Please respond to me. I am the daughter that purchased the bed. Thank you, Lori

asked Jul 31 '11
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Lori G from Camarillo, CA
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Jan 21 '13

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Very sorry to hear about the problems you've been having. The answer to this can only be provided by the company that made the bed, or the store that sold it to you. If you can provide a little more detail on this front, perhaps we can help point you in the right direction.

(Aug 01 '11) GoodBed Help ♦♦ GoodBed Help's gravatar image

Hi Lori, The proceedure is to first call your retailer and register your complaint. They would arrange for an inspector to come to your home and inspect the mattress. The inspection report is submitted to the manufacturer, where it is determined if your problem is a manufacturing defect, or not. If so, they issue authorization to the reatailer to exchange your mattress. It is the job of the retailer to see this through for you. However, in the face of an uncooperative retailer, you can call the factory directly and ask for the Consumer Service Dept. The white label that is sewn into one of the bach seams of your mattress gives the name of the manufacturer and their location. If your product is made by Sealy, Stearns & Foster or Simmons, you can give us a call to get the factory's phone number.

Thanks, Pete

answered Oct 25 '11
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